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     Wings of A Dove...

Love can't be easily defined.
It's the warmth in the heart,
a state of mind;
yet love is more still,
it's all that's good,
the purest emotion
that you could ever feel.
For it's sharing every
life affair
with the one you cherish,
the one who cares.
It's when a tender glance
or a gentle touch,
says, "I love you
and need you so much."
It's a dream of a future
shared by two,
and when storms come,
it's a sky of blue.
And yet love is so much
more than this,
for beyond the magic
of a touch or a kiss,
it's a heavenly gift
sent from above,
a blessing from the angels,
carried on the wings of a dove.

May you find much
happiness together.

"Wings of A Dove," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

Music: "Building Dreams," © 1999 Mel Webb

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