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     I've Known Beauty...

I've known beauty,
a beauty that was ours,
for I held your hand
as we strolled fields of flowers.
And though our time together
was clouded with brevity,
it was a day I'll never forget,
my most cherished memory.
For you gave me your love,
the greatest gift of all,
as grand and glorious as
the mountains are tall.
A light inside began to shine,
when you held me close,
your heartbeat in tune to mine.
Overhead the sparrows sweetly sang,
and all around spring's gold did reign
as you kissed me not once,
but again and again.
The sun had never shone
as warm and bright;
for I experienced the bliss
of heaven's light.
Though my feet were planted firmly
upon the fresh green sod,
I thought I'd touched
the very heart of God.

"I've known beauty," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Copyright 2001 PassionUp and its licensors

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