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 Celebrate All Year...

I can't give up Christmas yet,
and forget peace and goodwill to man.
So I'll let Christmas linger a while,
and enjoy it all I can.
I'll never get enough, you see
of Christmas lights aglow
above the glistening snow,
and the sparkle of tinsel upon the tree.
There should never be an end
to the feeling of peace the season lends
and the closeness we all feel
toward our fellowman.

I can't part with the yuletide cheer,
or the hope I get with the birth of a year.
Though resolutions never offer solutions,
when the new year arrives with Auld Lang Syne
I suddenly feel stronger,
and know in my heart that in the coming year
I'll do just fine.

I won't bid farewell to the holidays.
Though the Christmas tree is stored away
with the bulbs of red and gold.
And something that shines as bright as
as the new year light could never get old.
I'll hold the holidays dear every day,
and never let my hope
for peace on earth fade away.
I'll remember that anything
is possible in the coming year,
and always keep a place in my heart
for holiday cheer.

"Celebrate All Year," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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