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 Romantic New Year...


Happy new year, love.
I wanted to share
this beautiful Hawaiian
sunset with you
in hopes that it will
inspire some romantic
new year dreams.
Just relax and let yourself
escape to an island full of
fragrant flowers and beauty.
Imagine us together on the beach,
sand beneath us,
tide kissing our feet,
as the sun sinks low.
I would wrap my arms
around you and whisper
how much I love you,
and then I'd make
passionate love to you.
Our lovemaking would be
as beautiful and as radiant as the
ribbons of golden sunlight
that dance across the water.
Beneath the Hawaiian sunset,
we'd be lost in the magic
of each other.
What a wonderful
new year dream.


"Romantic New Year" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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