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 Hawaiian Romance...


My love, all day long
I dream about being with you.
I like to imagine us watching the sunset
from a beautiful Hawaiian beach.
When the sun sinks low
and gold spills across the ocean,
you'd hold my hand, and your touch would
fill me with a warmth and light
that would make me feel as radiant inside
as the shimmering rays upon the water.
The burst of crimson across the
horizon would be enchanting,
but its beauty would pale compared to you.
You're an orchid in the winter,
a chalice of wine in the desert,
an angel sent from heaven
with star-kissed wings,
and I thank you for the joy
you've brought to my life.
I only wish that I could
show you just how much I love you
on a romantic Hawaiian beach tonight.


"Hawaiian Romance" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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