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 Hawaiian Paradise...


I like to imagine us in a Hawaiian paradise.
I can picture us lying in the sand,
our bodies entwined as the sun fades into
a scalding horizon.
The heat of the sun would be no match
for the heat between us.
As the white capped waves lick
the shore ferociously,
our love making would be as
beautiful as the ocean before us
and the beach around us.
Wrapped in the bliss of each other,
we'd experience our own piece
of heaven on earth.
I live to be with you.
You're my fondest dream for the future,
and my most sensual fantasy.
Gazing into your beautiful eyes
implants a euphoria deep inside me
that makes me to see the beauty in everything,
and holding you close
summons something wild inside me,
which only you can tame.
I want to be with you always,
and it's my greatest wish that
we'll someday experience the bliss
of making love in a Hawaiian paradise.


"Hawaiian Paradise," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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