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Cozy Holiday Cabin...


I'd like to spend the winter with you,
in a cozy cabin in the woods.
I'd make the holidays special for you,
and I'd strive to show you
how much I love you
and how happy I've been since
I got to know you.
As the snow gently falls,
you and I would sit by the fire.
I'd hold you close to me
and show you how warm
true love in the winter can be.
Sharing and caring is what
the holidays are all about,
and I never want you to doubt
how much I love you and need you.
This holiday season,
and every upcoming holiday,
I want us to celebrate us
and the wonderful gift of love
that God has so graciously given us.
Come what may in our lives,
bitter winds and foul weather,
I know that we'll always be happy
being together.

"Cozy Holiday Cabin," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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