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 Kwanzaa Greetings...


The celebration has begun;
something wonderful is happening,
because it's time to celebrate
who we are and what
we can achieve.

Let's decide to be united
and love each other.
Let's let our self-determination
guide us so that our dreams
can come true.
Let's focus on work and responsibility
so that we can grow and become
ever stronger.
Let's cooperate
and never forget our purpose
so that we can reach our goals.
Let's focus on creativity
so we can express ourselves
with one giant voice.
Let's show our appreciation
and respect for our heritage
while we look toward the future
with optimism.
And let's never lose faith in
what we can accomplish.

Happy Kwanzaa!
May the holiday
bring you much happiness
and reaffirm your belief
in you and those you love.

"Kwanzaa Greetings," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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