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 Merry Christmas, Love...


When the night has fallen silent
and the lights are turned down low.
When the land has been frosted
with a sparkle of fresh snow,
you and I shall be together
beneath the flicker of the tree,
our hearts and souls aglow
like the splendid Christmas tree.
We'll hold each other tight,
and we'll snuggle oh so close,
and we'll hold our goblets high
for a merry Christmas toast.
We'll toast the days behind us,
and the happy days ahead,
then we'll share a fiery kiss,
tinged with Christmas red.
Captured by the passion
that will sizzle in our eyes,
we'll vow to one another
that our love will never die.

Merry Christmas, love!

"Merry Christmas, Love," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000.

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