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 Christmas For Everyone...


Beneath boughs of green
and ribbons of red
we'll keep warm through the winter gray,
as we hope for a wonderful Christmas day.
All at once it will arrive
with the sound of hurried feet
upon the stairs.
Small faces will light up to see
the many gifts beneath the tree
and glittery tinsel everywhere.
The look of surprise that will
sparkle in small eyes just can't compare.
There will be love and warmth
within and all around
as the presents are opened and joy is shared,
as if something much greater than a doll
or a train has been found.
There will be something
wonderful and magic in the very air,
that makes the whole world feel as bright
as the twinkling Christmas lights.
As the scent of turkey escapes the oven
and the first rays of morning sun
come into view,
beneath the mistletoe and holly,
we'll all be thankful and jolly
for our many Christmas blessings.
And when night falls again,
so peaceful and silent,
the toys are put away,
and the day is done,
we'll all gather around the tree,
still filled with the Christmas spirit,
as we say a prayer for everyone.

I wish you a wonderful and memorable
Christmas with many blessings.

"Christmas for Everyone," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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