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 Many Christmas Blessings...


Gaze into the picture,
and escape to Christmas.
Imagine that you're in a beautiful place
of glittery snow.
The trees are all frosted,
and the sky is alive with white light
as if heaven is sending some
peace and happiness to earth
for all to share for the holidays.
The snow is ever gently falling,
but you're not cold,
because the holiday spirit
is alive inside you,
keeping you warm.
Love and warmth is all around you,
from the glowing lights
that stream from the windows
to the laughter of the children
who so merrily ride their sleds.
And you know that something wonderful
awaits you inside the church;
for everyone you love is there,
anxious to sing Christmas carols with you,
and to give thanks for the many blessings
God has so generously given throughout the year.

Many Christmas Blessings to you.
I hope you have a merry Christmas
and manage to keep the Christmas spirit
alive inside throughout the coming year.

"Many Christmas Blessings," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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