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 Gift of Love...


Jolly old Saint Nick
will soon be heading your way,
toys slung over his shoulder,
presents piled high on his sleigh
to bring you a merry Christmas day.
He was sent from above,
to remind the world of the
most precious gift of all--
God's gift of love,
a gift often overlooked between
the partridges and turtle doves.
You won't find the gift
beneath the Christmas tree,
because God's gift is one that no one
can touch, hear, taste, or see.
But you'll feel it in your heart
with every Christmas card you send,
and every time you give of yourself
to a neighbor or friend.
The gift will shine anew
with every Christmas song you sing,
and will sparkle bright inside
every time you hear a church bell ring.

Old St. Nick is coming,
with many presents for you and me,
but we should never forget the
gift that we'll never see.

"Gift of Love," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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