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  Christmas Joy...


No words written or spoken
could ever tell so well,
about the christmas joy
that every heart feels.
There's some kind of magic
beneath the Christmas light
that makes the season shine
like a lone star in the night.
The same could be said
of the Christmas tree
whose cherished decorations
inspires yuletide glee.
Something warm is born inside,
with the scent of pine,
something undefined,
yet pure and divine.
The same joy is felt
like a blessing from above,
in every Christmas song sung
in celebration of God's love.
While every decoration of
silver and gold,
recalls fond Christmas days past,
and makes us feel whole.
Yet, none of these wonderful
things can possibly explain,
the joy that Christmas brings--
not presents,
not cookies,
not candy canes.
At Christmastime,
there's just a magic
in the air,
a feeling of joy, peace,
love, and hope

I hope you have joyous Christmas.

"Christmas Joy," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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