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 Bright Christmas...


The gray skies of winter can
seem so merciless and bleak.
But Christmas has a way
to make everything bright.
Just remember the magic of Christmas
when it feels like no end
to the winter darkness is in sight.
Take a look at the sky, and you'll see
that the stars shine a little brighter.
And the holiday lights set everything aglow
to make the holes in your heart a little tighter.
The world has been frosted with silver and white
to enliven the days,
and fend off the darkness of the night.
It's God's way of reminding you to have faith
that all is fine,
that all is right.
You have nothing to fear,
and you should never lose hope
when December's darkness calls,
when the snow endlessly falls,
because the Christmastide is here
to steal the stage from the winter drear.
Let it be a season of love,
a time of cheer,
because no days are as bright
as those made radiant by Christmas light.

"Christmas Cheer," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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