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 Season of Us...


It's a new season to behold
with pumpkins ablaze
and leaves of red and gold.
What wonders are yet to be,
in this season of newfound love,
a season of you and me?
I yearn for evenings spent by the fire
with you in my arms,
fond dreams to inspire.
I imagine long strolls,
along rivers of gold,
once empty hearts finally whole.
We'll dance gaily among blankets of leaves
our future to weave,
a reason to believe.
We'll awake to a crimson dawn together,
hearts knowing that whatever comes,
our love will withstand the coming weather.
It's a new season to behold,
with pumpkins ablaze
and leaves of red and gold,
but our season of love,
shall never grow cold.
The love we share will keep us warm,
through autumn winds
and winter storms.

"Season of Us," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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