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 Fall Splendor...


Tarry not autumn;
spread summer's shroud swiftly.
Share your wealth and beauty
before winter's curfew bears
a punishing hand.
March to every corridor,
and let your tide
flow rich to every field,
leaving stalks of gold behind
in celebration of the harvest.
Coax apple trees to grow
heavy with their burden;
entice the pumpkins
to swell fat on the vines
that they might gladden every heart
with your many blessings
on Thanksgiving day.
Season the air with
apples and hay,
and touch the wind with
your crisp, cool hand.
Wrest the robin red-breasts
from their nests,
and persuade them to journey south
to emblazon the sky with crimson.
Make the eventide cozy
with your melodious breeze.
And paint each misty dawn
from your pallet of
vermilion, ecru, and gilt
so that your splendor will live long
in fond memory.

Wishing you a wonderful autumn.
I hope the season brings you
much happiness.

"Fall Splendor," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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