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 Autumn Greeting


Well, my friend, the summer is over,
and the red autumn leaves are
falling at our feet.
The air is cool and fresh,
and the days are growing shorter,
but that's no reason to despair;
an endless amount of energy
is sizzling through the air.
The world suddenly feels
more alive than ever before.
And I wanted to send some happy
autumn wishes to you.
Don't let the cool weather
make you feel blue.
Just smile and enjoy
the vibrant changes all around.
Look forward to the beauty
of nature every day,
and when the winter winds
beat at your door at last,
your warm memories of autumn
will rekindle the fire
in your soul.
Remember too,
that someone out there
cares about you.

"Autumn Greeting," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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