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 I Know Autumn...


I know autumn.
Silently, it arrives
to awaken the lazy countryside.
It meanders across hills and meadows
and creeps softly through sleeping woods
to weave a vibrant gilt path.
Its song is as familiar as a favorite tune
and as comfortable as a worn pair of shoes.
It's variegated and harmonious,
and scented with apples and hay.
It colors every maple and every elm
with a fiery paintbrush.
It opens wide its misty door
and rustles a fleet of leaves
as it sings through tired trees.
And it brings back warm memories
of friends, family, and home to me.
I know autumn,
and I welcome its arrival.
I hope that you will welcome
and enjoy its advent as well.
I wish you a beautiful autumn.

"I know Autumn," written and designed by Bobette Bryan

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